Specialists in HTM02-01 Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment

Precision UK Ltd embrace all aspects of customer service, product design, cleanliness, packaging and usability of their products, thus enabling them to be a successful partner for installations of the complete range of Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment.

All Products certified as medical devices carry the CE Mark and are registered with the  British Standards Institute. Core products include Degreased Copper Tube and Fittings, Lockable Line Valves, Nist Pieces, Silver Solder, Pipeline Identification Tape, Munsen Rings Brackets, Area Valve Service Units(AVSU) Single and Modular, Area and Plant Alarms, Pressure Switch Assemblies, Rigid/Retractable Pendants and Bed Head Units.

Our extending product range also includes Medical Air Plant, Medical Vacuum Plant and AGSS Plant, Gas Manifolds and Medical Gas Outlets, all compliant to British and European Directives. Precision UK Ltd constantly strives to improve and develop existing products and continuously invest in product development.

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