Specialists in HTM02-01 Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment

Area Alarm Unit – HTM 02-01, BS EN 7396, C11,


  • Versatile: Several CPX-A alarms can be connected to the same end of line components using just 3 cores. The CPX-A can transmit either a common alarm or all alarm conditions, using the MEDCON data protocol, for display on the CPX-P plant alarm system, and can also receive data from the CPX-P system.
  • 2 year warranty: No parts or labour charges for repairs to alarms which fail due to faulty parts or manufacture.
  • 10 year compatibility warranty: Install the CPX-A with the confidence that equipment will be available to modify or extend the system for at least 10 years.
  • All alarms are manufactured under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems and comply to HTM02-01, BS EN 7396 and BS EN 4754.
  • The monitoring of the cable requires a termination box to be mounted as close as practical to the pressure switches. As an optional extra, these termination boxes can be supplied with the cables for connection to the pressure switches already fitted, allowing significant savings in on-site work.
  • To use more than one CPX-A alarm panel with one set of pressure switches, simply connect all CPX-A alarm panels to the 3 core screened cable (minimum 0.5mm) from the termination box (either at the termination box itself, or at another CPX-A).

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The CPX-A area alarm is used to monitor pipeline pressure within a ward, theatre etc. The pressure is monitored by pressure switches in the pipeline downstream from the last AVSU. Pressure is monitored for both high and low pressure (low only for vacuum). The integrity of the cabling between the pressure switches and the alarm panel is monitored, and a fault on this cable will result in a system fault alarm, with all affected alarm conditions going into alarm condition.
Simple connection: Just 3 cores connect the alarm to the end of line components, regardless of the number of gases. Simple maintenance: All connections (including mains) are plug & socket. The alarm components can be changed in about 1.5 minutes.