by Precision UK Precision UK

The Precision UK team took part in the 10-mile Tough Mudder Classic Challenge of mud-soaked Mayhem which included 25 of the world’s wildest obstacles including Everest, Mud Mile, Electroshock Therapy, Black Widow, and Entrapment  – just to name a few.

Pushing mental and physical boundaries the CPX team plowed through miles of thick mud, with no competitive element and no timing, only teamwork the PUK team worked together to conquer the strenuous course and ultimately earning the world-famous orange headband.

Alfie a Product Engineer at CPX said: “Tough Mudder was a great experience, I have never done anything like it before. The obstacles were fairly difficult and at times pretty tiring but the whole day was great! The team loved it, we didn’t stop laughing from start to finish – I would 100% do it all again!”