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CPX Travels to Dublin

5th May 2022

A few members of the Precision UK team took a trip to the wonderful city of Dublin, Ireland to view one of Ireland’s biggest healthcare projects to date – the NCH.


Precision UK has proudly supported the build since it began in 2016 by supplying over 185, 241 meters of copper pipe, several Medical Air Plants and an estimated 651 AVSUs.


Robert Parry, managing director of Precision UK said, “it was great to see such a massive project take place, Medimec are a long-standing customer of ours whom we value greatly. It was a proud day to see many of CPX’s products in the NCH, especially knowing all the effort and good work it has taken to build such an incredible hospital – a true achievement for all involved.”


As it stands the NCH is a total of 1km long, and 7 stories high with many of the rooms offering spectacular views and plenty of space. It is expected to complete in the second half of 2024, with Precision UK eager to head back and see the hospital finished.