Degreased Insert Reducer

CPX degreased Insert Reducer (Fitting Reducer) is made from high-quality copper material and is manufactured under BS EN Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems, and is known for its excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and high resistance to bacterial growth.

The CPX degreased Insert Reducer design allows for the connection of pipes of different sizes, ensuring efficient and equal flow distribution of medical gases or vacuum within a piping system. The reducer is degreased, meaning that any excess oil or grease has been removed from the surface of the copper material. This is important to ensure a tight and secure seal when the reducer is installed, as well as to make the surface of the reducer more receptive to soldering. The soldered connection creates a leak-proof seal that can withstand high temperatures and pressures.

More Information

The use of copper in medical gas applications has several advantages, including its resistance to corrosion, excellent thermal conductivity, and long lifespan. Copper is also naturally antimicrobial, making it an ideal choice for applications where preventing the growth of bacteria is important.

Overall, the copper-reducing elbow is an essential component of many plumbing systems, allowing for the smooth and efficient transfer of gases while reducing the size of the pipe. Its high-quality copper construction ensures durability, longevity, and excellent performance in a wide range of applications.