Plastic Pipe Clips

Precision UK’s plastic pipe clips for medical use are small, lightweight and durable clips designed to securely hold and organise medical tubing and pipes in various healthcare settings. These clips are made of medical-grade plastic materials such as polypropylene or polyethene, which are non-toxic and resistant to chemical and bacterial contamination.

More Information

The plastic pipe clips are commonly used for oxygen tubing, and holding other medical pipes in place, preventing kinks, tangles, and disconnections. They are easy to attach and remove and can be adjusted to the desired position on the tubing. One of the key benefits of using plastic pipe clips in healthcare settings is that they can help reduce the risk of contamination and infection. By keeping medical tubing organised and secure, the clips prevent the tubing from touching surfaces and potentially spreading harmful bacteria or viruses.

Our Plastic pipe clips come in a range of sizes to accommodate different types and sizes of tubing and can be sterilised for reuse.