Medical Grade

AGSS Plant

Precision UK Ltd is a British Manufacturer and World Leaders in supplying Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment compliant with HTM 2022/01, C11 and BS EN 7396. 

Product Code

Plant Size


130 l/min


520 l/min


1050 l/min


1500 l/min


1820 l/min


2500 l/min


3770 l/min


AGSS Remote Switch


S = Simplex / D = Duplex

Example: AGSS-D-520

Duplex AGSS – 520l/min

AGSS Plant

BRITISH STANDARD | HTM 02-01: Medical Gas Pipeline Systems

Precision UK’s CPX AGSS Plant is manufactured under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems. It provides a centralised or dedicated source for the safe removal of exhaled anaesthetic gases from within the theatre, available in simplex and duplex pump configurations dependant on individual requirement.


Key Benefits Include

  • CPX® branded solid British design

  • Control and highly visible indication panel

  • CE marked under Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC with approval from British Standards Institute CE0086 classified as Class IIa Medical Device

  • All interconnecting pipework is included

  • Copper stubbed outlet and inlet pipework for ease of connecting to MGPS

  • Available in Single or 3 Phase

  • Anti-vibration mounts on all pumps

  • Isolator to each pump unit as standard

  • Alarm and BMS outputs for remote status indication

  • Pre-set vacuum relief valve and low pressure sensors

  • Low voltage (24V) remote switches

  • Visible condensate drain flask fitted to exhaust

  • Easy to install 4 wire + earth remote switch wiring

  • All settings are factory set and verified with certificates of inspection

  • Each plant has a full warranty of 12 months from its commission date