Medical Grade


Precision UK Ltd is a British Manufacturer and World Leaders in supplying Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment compliant with HTM 2022/01, C11 and BS EN 7396. 

Single AVSU

British Standard

The Precision UK, CPX Oxygen Generating Plant provides a centralised source of Oxygen up to 95% +/- 3% purity available in a variety of configurations.
The stations are readily equipped with O2 analysers, complete with an Alarm to ensure the produced purity of the O2 is controlled and not less than the programmed parameter.
Digital Touchscreen controls with factory preset configuration shall incorporate; Pictorial easy to read images, O2 concentration %, Receiver pressure, Oxygen Capacity, Operating Instructions and Manual. *Bespoke design service available.
Oxygen Generators are available in customer specific requirements. Our standard ranges are 100l/min – 2000l/min.
Manufactured in our UK factory, fully tested and ready to install our generator is CE marked and is in standards compliance with ISO 10083 and conforms to HTM and EN Standards.

Compact Multi Valve AVSU

British Standard

LOX Tanks are stationary, vacuum-insulated pressure vessels for storage of cryogenic liquefied gases. Low evaporation rate, ergonomic layout of instruments and controls for ease of use, carefully selected components and outstanding build quality ensure a high degree of reliability and economy in everyday use and guarantee the longevity of the vessel.

Vessels are available in vertical or horizontal configurations, sized from 2,200 to 200,000 litres, and are manufactured and tested according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 CE (PED) or to the regulations of other countries.

VIE Control Panels available 500l/min-6000l/min. (Please contact sales office for further details.)

Our vessels have been in use world-wide for decades. High quality is ensured by measures, including a quality management system complying to ISO 9001.

  • The AVSU can be installed as a flush or surface mounted.

  • Housed in a steel white epoxy coated box and a key operated 90° lock for security with 20,000 lock combinations.

  • Gas Identification is located on the body of the AVSU behind the window and immovable.

  • A large viewing window to the door gives immediate indication of Gas Identification located on body of AVSU, valve position and flow direction.

  • In an emergency this can be gained by pulling the window thus allowing access to the valve. Anti-Tamper device can be fitted to the window and connected to our Digital Alarm and BMS to incorporate monitoring of all CPX AVSU’s.

  • The valve type is a 90° shut off ball valve, which is operated via a red ergonomic handle, each unit comes complete with a blanking plate which can be fitted, to either side of the valve.

  • Non-interchangeable NIST connectors are fitted upstream and downstream of the valve. Including 100% sealing serviceable non-return valves to allow the pipeline to be pressure tested and provide an easily accessible point for gas sampling.

  • Pressure sensors shall be fitted inside the box to enable local monitoring and servicing via Copper Sensing Pipe.

  • Side entry sizes available 22mm, 28mm, 35mm and 42mm (other entry versions available).

  • NFPA & EN ISO 7396-1 Fully Compliant
  • Emergency Access via simple push mechanism with no serviceable items required to reset, requiring appropriate lock key to reset.
  • Downstream NIST connector for all gas types including Vacuum.
  • Optional DISS or Gas Outlet can be fitted inside lockable box.
  • Pressure Gauge with easy to read dial gives user immediate information.
  • Integrated 12V Digital Alarm factory set for the Gas types and Pressure Settings.
  • Battery back up in case of power failure shall continue to operate for up to 24 hours.
  • Modbus ASCI outputs for digital connection to BMS to monitor Live Local pressures within Hospital. * Connection to CPX ‘Hospi-View’ Schematic BMS system
  • Option Flow Measurement can be connected to each individual gas type to provide flow data 24 hours each day.
  • Flush or Surface Type fitting for 3, 4, 5 or 6 gas types available.