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Retrofit Gas Outlets

April 2022

Precision UK understands that confidence in a product is the most important aspect when fitting lifesaving medical gas equipment. As a patient, doctor or engineer you need to know that the equipment you are using or fitting is quality assured, rigorously tested and fit for purpose.  

Branded with our CPX logo as a sign of dedication to design and quality, our gas outlets have the ability to be retrofitted to other branded first fixes, giving CPX products the edge on adaptability.

 Robert Parry, Managing Director of Precision UK says “The demand for our Gas Outlets to have the ability to be retro-fitted is extremely high, our customers know the value in quality products and we ensure this with each and every product that we manufacture.”

 If you would like more information on CPX Gas Outlets, their spec or would like to inquire about any of our other products please contact sales on +44 (0)161 487 2822 or email the team at


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