Medical Pendant – Single Arm

  • No more trailing leads or hoses to restrict movement within the department, all equipment is attached via short connecting hoses or cables to integral hook-up points.
  • The fully encapsulated system, incorporates modular service boxes, to ensure the maintenance and general use are unproblematic.
  • Single or two-piece and arm assemblies, motorised or static, the equipment can now be located at the point of use with simplicity.
  • Fully equipped as desired, with high and low voltage supplies, medical gas outlet points, communication points, and miscellaneous.
  • Factory tested supplied to the customer in modular format

The Precision UK Pendant is a modular unit, which can be supplied with or without height adjustment. The pendant consists of a ceiling mount, upon which a wide selection of arms can be mounted.

Product Codes

Product Code

Multi Movement Pendant Type


Single Arm


Single Arm with Vertical Movement


Double Arm


Double Arm with Vertical Movement


Twin Arm, Double Swivel

Standards & Requirements
  • The UK DHSS Health Technical memorandum No. 02-01. The standard medical gas terminals installed in the pendant conform to HTM No. 02-01 and to EN ISO 9170-1. The pendant can be constructed to other standards, and other makes of terminal can be fitted.