HospiView offers the ultimate in web-based remote monitoring for all CPX alarm systems. All CPX systems are automatically monitored and alarms can be sent directly to critical alarm service contractors, either through our HospiView web interface or through existing BMS infrastructure. This allows facilities managers to respond faster, reducing patient risk and saving clinical staff time. Alerts can be customised and directed to different personnel, via SMS, email, telephone or web notifications.

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Remote Systems Monitoring

Hospiview can monitor and report on the following functions:

  • Pump hours run
  • Pump no. on duty
  • Pump oil level
  • Pump service date
  • Gas flow rate
  • Receiver pressure
  • Power Amps in use
  • Outlet pressure to pipeline
  • Dryer in use
  • Dew point measurement
  • Filter service date
  • Bacterial filter condition
  • Cylinder pressure
  • Duty bank pressure
  • Standby bank pressure
  • LOX tank liquid level
  • Local alarm pressure data
  • Web-based remote monitoring
  • Automated alarm notification
  • Fully customisable and extendable
  • Live information 24/7
  • Up to 256 different monitoring points
  • Seamless integration with all CPX monitoring hardware on Plant, Manifolds and Alarms
  • Continuous reading & recording of all process and fault messages
  • All data recorded and stored for up to 7 years
  • Direct link to critical alarm service contractor
  • SMS, email or Telephone notification
  • Cascading notification protocol