Modular Wall & Ceiling System

The CPX Modular Wall & Ceiling System is a full metal structure to which solid mineral surface panels, doors and in-built accessories can be applied. Our cutting-edge Technology is suitable for Modular Operation Theatres, central sterile service departments and medical intensive care units. The solid mineral surface is an innovative anti-bacterial component with a hygienic performance.

The modular wall system is manufactured using high-quality materials and offered in a wide range of colours with remarkable aesthetic characteristics. The system provides clean, quiet, and reduced installation time, which is also ideal for maintenance. There are no sharp edges, and the entire structure is free from protrusions and grout joints. All vertical joints are quickly removable and bacteria-resistant non-toxic silicon gaskets.

The gasket between the panel and substructure provides superior airtightness and increased efficiency of the air handing unit.

The panel system is fire resistant and conforms to EL 60 norms. X-Ray protection barrier lead plates up to 2mm can be installed as per customer requirements.

More Information

Salient Features

  • Aluminum and steal substructure
  • High aesthetic visual impact panels
  • Increase productivity, versatile and flexible
  • Total flatness
  • Full height panels
  • Compensates heigh against screed
  • Fully fire resistant
  • Superior X-Ray protection
  • Airtight ceiling for superior clean room
  • Air permeability and acoustic insulation
  • Accommodates all accessories such as
  • Surgeon control panel
  • Laminar airflow system
  • Monitors, clocks and X-Ray view box
  • Storage cabinets
  • Gas, electrical and data outlets
  • Pass Box for soiled material
  • Peripheral lighting
  • Gas supply pendants 

Self Loading Subframe

 The CPX modular wall system offers technological innovation and extreme flexibility, with its basic composition of a steel subframe. The self loading frame can be cladded with solid mineral surface panels.


 Wide range of matt, anti-glare finishing materials are used. The modular operation Theatres are generally created using the finishing materials that offer the highest technological performance while scrub area and changing rooms can be created using less sophisticated materials that retain the same aesthetic appearance and compative performance levels.

 Full Height Panels

 The panel installation avoid the need for horizontal joints between panels and minimizes critical points of bacterial accumulation.

Hermetic sealing sound insulation

 Twin level sealing gaskets interposed between rear edge of the panels and subframe combined with several other technical solutions, ensures a hermetic seal thus preventing the ingress of combined air and an excellent level of sound insulation.

 Ease of Disassembly

 The suspended ceiling panels and the vertical finishing panels shall be rapidly and individually demountable.

 General info

 The ceiling system is the logical supplementary module to the wall system. The panel modules match with the wall system grid dimensions and each panel can be detached individually.

 The substructure consists of support and cross profiles, fixed together to form a rigid grid, having solid mineral surface/steel as the surface finishing material.


No parts or labor charges for repairs to alarms that fail due to faulty parts or manufacture. 10-year compatibility warranty: Install the CPX-DA with confidence that equipment will be available to modify or extend the system for at least 10 years.

All Alarms are manufactured under our strict BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems.

Technical Specification
Tests Standard  Unit 3mm
Coefficient of thermal expansion DIN 53752 K⁻¹ 5,6 x 10⁻⁵
Tensile strength DIN EN ISO 572 MPa 45
Barcol hardness DIN EN 59 60
Modulus of elasticity DIN EN 310 N/mm² 8000
Indentation hardness DIN EN ISO 2039-1 N/mm² 260
Impact Resistance (falling-ball test) DIN EN ISO 19712 mm (falling height)
Resistance to elevated temperature (long-term exposure) DIN EN ISO 13896-1

Cold-bending radius Manufacturer’s standard mm


Water absorption EN ISO 10545-3 % 0,083
Resistance to dry heat DIN EN ISO 19712 (180℃) Degree 4
Resistance to damp heat DIN EN ISO 19712 (100℃) Degree 4
Thermal-cycle water-resistance test DIN EN ISO 19712 pass
Light-fastness (Blue scale 6)

ISO 4892

ISO 105-B02

ISO 105-A02


≥ 4


EN 1186

EN 13130

CEN/TS 14234


Resistance to mould and bacteria



Degree 1: Surface damages | Degree 2: Major change in gloss level and/or colour | Degree 3: Moderate change in gloss level and/or colour |Degree 4: Slight change in gloss level and/or colour, only visible from certain angles | Degree 5: No visible changes

Spots, dirt and similar surface defects




Allowed size of spot



Fine and Coarse decors

Manufacturer’s standard


≤ 0,5

without restriction

Fine and Coarse decors Manufacturer’s standard mm

> 0,5 – ≤ 1

1 Spot/300 x 300 mm *1

UNI decors

Manufacturer’s standard

Manufacturer’s standard


≤ 0,5

1 Spot/100 x 100 mm *2

*1 The complete dirt area must not be >1,0mm2 per 1m2 sheet material. (For example at a diameter of 0,5mm Ø 5 spots/m2)

*2 The complete dirt area must not be >1,0 mm2 per 1m2 sheet material. (For example at a diameter of 1,0 mm Ø 1 spot/m2)






Manufacturer’s standard



Dimensions of falling sizes

Manufacturer’s standard


min. 4050 x 1200

All tests have been carried out with the decor E3-2011 at 20°C.