British Standard

The CPX Terminal Units are designed and manufactured in the UK under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems.  The units comprise of a first fix, second fix and a second fix valve assembly and connect medical appliances to the gas supply system.

The first fix comprises of a brass pipeline termination cylinder with a 12mm BS EN 13348 copper pipe for brazing to the fixed pipeline system, or with a NIST BS EN 18082 (non-interchangeable screw thread) connector for connection to a hose assembly. A mounting box suitable for both surface and flush installations is also provided.


CPX British Standard and DIN Standard Gas Outlets utilise a common first fix assembly.              

The CPX Terminal Unit is designed to enable gas probes to be connected and disconnected easily and with minimal effort and the same time as giving a strong, reliable and secure connection. They are available for oxygen, nitrous oxide, 50% oxygen/50% nitrous oxide mixture, medical air, surgical air, medical vacuum, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and AGSS.

The terminal units can be flexibly integrated into any type of installation including surface, flush, bedhead and pendant and are supplied with a 3 year warranty. Test plugs are included with flush, surface, and bedhead types for first fix pressure testing on site.

New Generation Gas Outlet

DIN Standard

CPX DIN gas outlets are manufactured and designed in our UK factory, full metal construction, Gas Indexing as EN 13260-2, EN 9170 and Medical Gas Pipelines EN 7396.

Designed to meet the requirements of

  •  HTM 02-01 Medical gas Pipeline Systems
  • BS EN 7396-1 Pipelines for Compressed medical Gases and Vacuum

  • BS EN 7396-2 Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Disposal Systems

  • BS EN 9170-1 Terminal Units for use with Compressed Medical Gases and Vacuum

  • BS EN 9170-2 Terminal Units for Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Systems

  • C11 NHS Model Engineering Specification – Medical Gases

  • BS EN 18082 Non-interchangeable Screw Threaded (NIST) Low-pressure Connectors for Medical Gases

  • BS 5682 Specification for Probes Specification for Probes (quick connectors) for Medical Gases.

  • Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (CE0086) Class IIb.

  • DIN 13260-2 Part 2: Dimensions and allocation of Probes and Gas specific connection points for Terminal Units

  • Available for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Medical Air, CO2, Motor Air and Vacuum (other gases available on request)
  • Incorporating a 12mm copper stub pipe to EN 13348 to allow easy connection to the Medical Gas Pipeline system, other options include NIST or DISS type fittings for pendants or bed head units.
  • Probe insertion design incorporates parking position and full insert for 100% operation, each outlet is supplied with Flush/Surface Box or Bed Head Plate mounting options and include a 3-year warranty.
  • CE marked CE0086 Class IIb Medical Device.

Product Code

Medical Gas Outlet c/w Metal 2nd Fix – British Type


Flush Fitting – Box Included


Bedhead Fitting – Plate Included


Back Entry Nist (Pendant Type)


Back Entry Nist (Pendant Type) Plate included – 45degree


Back Entry – 150mm Stub Pipe

Example:   TUMFO2-NG 

Terminal Unit Flush Type – Oxygen – BS Type – Metal 2nd Fix

Product Code

Medical Gas Outlet c/w ABS Fire Retardent 2nd Fix – British Type


Flush Fitting – Box Included


Bedhead Fitting – Plate Included


Back Entry Nist (Pendant Type)


Back Entry Long Tail – Max 1 Metre Length


Back Entry Copper – 150mm Stub Pipe

Example:   TUWFO2-NG

Terminal Unit Flush Type – Oxygen – BS Type

Product Code

All Metal Medical Gas Outlet – DIN Type


Flush Fitting – Box Included


Bedhead Fitting

Example:   TUFO2-DIN-NG

Terminal Unit Flush Type – Oxygen – DIN Type

British Standard
British Standard
DIN Standard
DIN Standard