HTM Compact AVSU Module

  • The HTM Compact AVSU can be installed as semi-flush or surface mounted.

  • Gas Identification is located on the body of the AVSU behind the window and is immovable.

  • Pressure transducers are fitted inside the enclosure to enable local monitoring.

  • 3 large viewing windows to the doors gives an immediate indication of Gas Identification located on the body of AVSU, valve position, and flow direction.

  • Access can be gained by pulling the window thus allowing access to the valve. The window can be re-inserted after it has been removed without the need of additional parts.

  • Non-interchangeable NIST connectors are fitted upstream and downstream of the valve. Including 100% sealing serviceable non-return valves to allow the pipeline to be pressure tested and provide an easily accessible point for gas sampling.

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Precision UK’s Compact AVSU module is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows healthcare professionals to easily switch between different gas sources, adjust gas flow rates, and monitor gas pressure and flow in real time. It may also be equipped with safety features such as over-pressure protection and audible alarms to alert healthcare professionals in case of any issues with the gas flow.

Precision UK’s HTM Compact Multi-Valve AVSU (Area Valve Service Unit) is manufactured in our UK factory and is fully compliant with NFPA & EN ISO 7396-1. CPX’s compact AVSU allows emergency access via a simple mechanism with no serviceable items required to reset, requiring a simple lock key to reset, a battery backup also comes with the AVSU in case of a power failure and will continue to operate for up to 24 hours.

An optional DISS or Gas Outlet can be fitted inside the lockable box, Modbus ASCI outputs for digital connection to BMS to monitor Live Local pressures within Hospital. *Connection to CPX 'Hospi-View' Schematic BMS system.



Additional information

No. of Gas

3 Gas, 4 Gas, 5 Gas, 6 Gas


Yes, No

Digital Alarm

Yes, No

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