CPX Certified & Approved

AVSU Module

Precision UK Ltd is a British Manufacturer and World Leaders in supplying Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment compliant with HTM 2022/01, C11 and BS EN 7396. 

AVSU Module

The CPX HTM standard AVSU Module is used in conjunction with and by configuring Precision UK’s Area Valve Service Units (AVSU) for one to six gases services, depending on the hospital area served.

    • Modules are available in the following Flush or Surface fitting types.

    • HTM 02-01, BS EN 18082 and C11 fully compliant ensuring individual gas separation in case of emergency.

    • Designed to fit ceiling heights of 2.4mtr, 2.7mtr or 3mtr as standard, other lengths available.

    • Gas venting as per BS EN 11197 to avoid inadvertent gas build up in cavity wall installation.

    • Upstream and Downstream NIST connectors with 100% serviceable non-return valves fitted on all gases.

    • Gas types available O2, N2O,O2/N2O, MA4, SA7, VAC, CO2, N2, Helium Mix, Lab Gas other variables available on request.

    • Factory tested and certified Pre-Piped EN 13348 Copper Tube to top ceiling level to aid in installation.

    • Cover types available- Epoxy coated steel or Polymer laminated anti-Microbial cover.

    • Extremely hard wearing impact proof Polymer Laminate material available in any RAL colour or Finish type enabling the Module to fit Hospital architectural design requirement.

    • Factory Fitted CPX Analogue or Digital Area Alarm (Also available to be manufactured as remote alarm set-up)

    • On board pressure sensors shall be fitted local to each gas line behind locked door.Integrated 12V Digital Alarm factory set for the Gas types and Pressure Settings. Battery back up in case of power failure shall continue to operate for up to 24 hours.

    • Modbus ASCI outputs for digital connection to BMS to monitor Live Local pressures within Hospital. * Connection to CPX ‘Hospi-View’ Schematic BMS system

    • Option Flow Measurement can be connected to each individual gas type to provide flow data 24 hours each day.

    • Delivered assembled to site for easy one man installation.

Product Code



Single AVSU


AVSU Module (Semi Flush or Surface Type)


Compact AVSU Module

Example:   AVSU22-O2

22mm AVSU – Oxygen

Example:   AVSU-MOD-POLY-3A

3 Gas AVSU Module (Semi Flush or Surface Type)


AVSU Module – 3 Gas Compact c/w Digital Alarm