Medical Pendant – Retractable

CPX Rigid Pendants are intended to distribute medical gases, AGSS, and electrical services to the operating table/anaesthetic machine, whilst leaving the surrounding area free from trailing hoses and cables. Rigid Pendants are ceiling-mounted fixed columns complete with a first fix plate and ceiling shroud, with an epoxy powder-coated finish. A maximum of 9 medical gas and AGSS terminal units, complete with hose assemblies, can be accommodated within both rigid and retractable pendants.

Each pendant can accommodate a maximum of 8 electrical sockets. Other specialist outlets such as data sockets, equipotential sockets, etc. can be incorporated into the pendant as required.


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Product Codes
Product Code Pendant Type
PEND-RG-*QTY* Rigid Pendant

Retractable Pendant

Example:   AVSU22-O2 22mm AVSU – Oxygen
Example:   AVSU-MOD-POLY-3A 3 Gas AVSU Module (Semi Flush or Surface Type)
Example:   MOD-COMPACT-3-ALARM AVSU Module – 3 Gas Compact c/w Digital Alarm


Standards & Requirements
  • HTM 02-01: Health Technical Memorandum Medical Gas Pipeline Systems

  • BS EN 7396: Medical Gas Pipelines for Compressed Medical Gases and Vacuum

  • BS EN ISO 11197: Medical Supply Units

  • BS EN 18082: Non-interchangeable Screw Threaded (NIST) Low-pressure Connectors for Medical Gases

  • BS EN 9170: Terminal Units for use with Compressed Medical Gases and Vacuum