VIE Control Panel

The CPX VIE Control Panel regulates the supply pressure of gaseous oxygen from a liquid oxygen tank and distributes the gas to the piping system. The panel comprises two or more pressure regulators, pressure relief valves, isolation valves, pressure gauges and pressure switches all mounted in an enclosure.  The Vacuum Insulated Evaporator (VIE) control panel is provided as a duplex system of controls (Duty/Standby) and is designed to accept a supply of gaseous oxygen from the liquid supply source and reduce the pressure to the pipeline distribution pressures. The secondary manifold should be piped into the system after the VIE control panel alleviating the necessity to provide a bespoke manifold system.

More Information

The CPX VIE control panel complies with the design requirements specified in ISO 7396-1 and HTM 02-01 to be sized to provide the system design flow. The control panels are available in pipework sizes 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 42mm and 54mm depending on the flow rate required other sizes are available. 3rd Source Manifolds are also available allowing for the Regulation of Primary, Secondary and Third Source Oxygen supplies using LOX Tank and Cylinder Manifolds.

  • Each Regulator of the duplex system is provided with its own pressure relief valve to ensure safe venting of the gas in the event of overpressure of the supply.
  • The safety valves are manufactured and tested in accordance with the regulations (DIN 3320.AD SHEET A2/A4)
  • The medical lockable line valve comprises of a 2-piece full bore male threaded nickel plated brass ball valve c/w chrome plated brass ball, blow out proof stem, Viton Stem O-ring, Teflon ball seals, 2 x Locknuts with visual indicator for blanking facility and flat face copper stub pipe assemblies.
  • The CPX VIE control panel monitors the LOX tank Fill Level, Inlet Pressure and Outlet pressure with high and low-pressure switches.
  • Digital display models are available which will display the Inlet pressure, the pipeline pressure and the contents of the Vacuum Insulated Tank.
Product Codes

Product Code



15mm VIE Control Panel – 1000l/min non-digital


15mm VIE Control Panel – 1000l/min digital


22mm VIE Control Panel – 2000l/min non-digital


22mm VIE Control Panel – 2000l/min digital


28mm VIE Control Panel – 3000l/min non-digital


28mm VIE Control Panel – 3000l/min digital


35mm VIE Control Panel – 4000l/min non-digital


35mm VIE Control Panel – 4000l/min digital


42mm VIE Control Panel – 8000l/min non-digital


42mm VIE Control Panel – 8000l/min digital


54mm VIE Control Panel – 10000l/min non-digital


54mm VIE Control Panel – 10000l/min digital

Standards & Requirements
  • CPX VIE Control Panels are manufactured in the UK under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems. All tube is manufactured under strict quality control procedures to ISO 9001:2008.
  • CPX VIE Control Panel is cleaned and degreased for oxygen service and free from all particulate matter and toxic residues in accordance with BS EN 15001 and has a maximum hydrocarbon contamination level of 550mg/m₂